I have always been struck by the beauty and magic in everyday things.

Being a creative person, art in all its forms has been my passion and digital images have always interested me, but I didn’t take photography seriously until the beginning of 2005.

Colour and light, shapes and lines, are the essence of the art of my photography, a reflection through glass, the complex structure of a surface, the play of light and shadow, colours that sing together in harmony, shapes that form when things come together or are viewed a certain way.

I try to express my feelings about the world through my photographs,  to express  the fundamental nature of the subject and how it relates to its environment and to me, the observer. 


I obtained my Licentiate distinction of the Royal Photographic Society in 2007. followed by the Associateship in spring 2008, and by my Fellowship in 2009.
In 2007, I started a professional photography business, PixPix photography, with my partner Moti Goldman.
We specialize in weddings musical and stage photography.  We also do portrait and product photography. I design albums as well as publications, posters and flyers.


In 2018 I won the “Grande Prix de la Créativité” given by the Federation Photographique de France for my series “L’Ame du Vin”

In 2010 my wine tasting series was selected be included in the UK National Media Library as part of the UK photography collection.

August 2007 first prize in the triptych competition sponsored by the British Professional Photography Association, Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers in association with the Image File.

In August 2005 I won the prestigious Photoplate award in Belgium.

I hope you enjoy looking at my pictures as much as I enjoyed making them.